Clean water is the foundation of any healthy living environment – whether in a residential or commercial setting. But for certain applications, “clean” water isn’t enough. For laboratories and scientific research in general, access to high purity water is essential for accurate results and overall success. Even the slightest contaminant can completely throw off days, weeks, or even months of sample preparation.

PURELAB Water System

PURELAB Water System

For this reason, it is vital to incorporate high purity lab water systems in the research and clinical space. ELGA lab systems in particular are accredited to ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards and are known for their commitment to quality. In addition, they have a range of products designed to suit various technical needs. The PURELAB water system, for example, is perfect for laboratory applications thanks to fast and easy sanitization. Alternatively, the BIOPURE system is ideal for hospital settings due to continual bacterial destruction and endotoxin removal.

But having access to the right lab water purification equipment is only half the challenge. Without proper training and guidance on selection and maintenance, the system will only go so far. For this reason, ELGA not only provides first-time-fix and maintenance options; they also provide hands-on trainings on or off site. This allows operators to get a much better idea of how to properly keep the system functioning without interrupting the flow of the facility. The ELGA team is also on hand to ensure that each selection fits a customer’s needs and budget.

Recently, we went to Chicago for ELGA lab water system training and were introduced to a new system they’ll be providing with electronic deionization. By regularly offering these trainings, ELGA keeps participants on the cutting edge of new technologies, and ensures that all manufacturers, distributors, and contractors are up to date on current trends. We appreciate ELGA’s dedication to professional education endeavors, and are proud to carry their diverse line of water purification products.

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